sore feetFoot pain just like the name suggests can affect any part of the feet.  Whether it is the Achilles tendon or the toes on the front of the foot, pains are likely to occur.  Many people tend to think that pains in the feet are just and annoyance. This is a misinterpretation. If at all pains in the feet are not controlled early they can graduate to life threatening conditions like osteoarthritis.  There are some minor feet pains that would respond well to home treatments. On the other hand, there are severe conditions that would call for medical attention.  Long-term damages and disability may occur if some conditions are not controlled or treated early.

There are causes that you would suspect for any type of foot pain.   Ill-fitting shoes are the main causative agents of pains in the feet. Overuse and injury of the feet are also part of the list of causes of pain in the feet.  Some structural defects and also medical conditions like diabetes and arthritis may lead to notable foot problems.  Some of the most significant causes of pains in the feet are Achilles tendinitis, bone spurs, broken ankles, bursitis, bunions, gout, flatfeet, neuropathy, osteoarthritis, plantar warts, plantar fasciitis, and peripheral neuropathy among many other conditions.  Poor posture and rapture of the tibia tendon are also causes of this condition.

Many people perceive this condition lightly. They do not appreciate that it can get severe and lead to permanent damage. There are major reasons why one would need to see a doctor if they experience foot pain.  The pains that occur just after injury may be intense.  Not all injuries are medical emergencies however.  Many painful injuries can actually be cured through the use of home remedies.  If a patient notices exposure of tendons and bones, have severe pains and swelling and are not able to walk freely, it is advisable to seek medical attention immediately.

X-ray scans may be done if the patient is not able to put any weight on their feet or if careful examination of the feet pain reveals that some selected bones or the mid-foot are painful.  For diabetics medical attention is a must. Diabetics should see their doctor if they have cuts or sores on their feet. In some cases the feet may be oozing pus. If one has a wound that is not improving but getting worse, they need to seek medical attention with immediate effect.

If a patient sees swelling and it does not go down within three days, medical advice needs to be sought. Some of the signs of infection that are closely related to foot pain are redness, tenderness, of fever.  Incase one experiences ankle swelling, pain and stiffness after activity, seeking medical attention may be advised.

Some of the instances of pain in the feet can be dealt with through self-care. Problems related to overuse develop some few hours after activity and thus are not regarded as medical emergencies. In order to protect your feet from injury and strains, ensure that you exert as little pressure on them and take breaks between your daily activities.


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